STORM 125 | NEW MODEL New Features

STORM 125 New Features. It’s all about adopting the good new changes.


Why you should select STORM 125cc? Why it is a premium motorbike?

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Quality approved by PSQCA & EDB

RAVI PIAGGIO STORM 125 is compatible and approved from PSQCA and Pakistan EDB.

It’s Elegantly Smart

RAVI PIAGGIO STORM 125cc with Italian Technology is elegantly smart motorcycle. Selft Start, 5 Gears, Sporty Look, Excellent Engine Technology and many other unique features makes it one outstanding bike in Pakistani market. PIAGGIO & RAVI AUTOMOBILE are proud to present this youthful icon for the progressive Pakistani auto market and to fulfil the requirements of young riders.

  • Sporty Look 85%
  • Performance 100%
  • Design 90%
  • Comfortable 95%
  • Satisfaction 100%

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With Our Advanced Italian 125cc Engine.

You can compete any other 125cc bike with our advanced italian 125cc engine. Performance, Control and Reliability is what we meant.



RAVI PIAGGIO STORM 125cc with Italian Technology gives you most stunning performance. Its powerful engine, aerodynamic curves and unique features gives you total performance with excellent rideability.


RAVI PIAGGIO STORM 125cc gives you the most economical fuel consumption. The intelligent Italian technology gives you powerful yet economical engine which gives you more mileage with lower fuel consumption.

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RAVI PIAGGIO STORM 125cc Motorcycle, It’s simply an awesome machine.
About Ravi Motorcycles

Ravi Motorcycles is a well established brand for two-wheeler in Pakistan; popular amongst riders for its confident, innovative style and performance oriented mechanics. Ravi Motorcycles are an ultimate combination of quality, reliable and cost effective performance.

Ravi Automobile has an extensive & state of the art manufacturing and assembly set up. In 2007, Ravi Automobile joined hands with Piaggio Italy and added another trendy and environment friendly motorcycle Ravi Piaggio Storm 125, to the product line of Ravi Motorcycles.

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